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APT Method

The APT method is a strategic approach designed to enhance performance on IELTS listening passages by focusing on Analysis, Prediction, and Tracking (APT) to answer questions effectively as you listen.
  • Analysis involves examining the questions and directions before listening to identify the type of answers required and any organizational clues.
  • Prediction requires anticipating the kind of information needed for the answers, such as the grammatical form or specific details like numbers or names.
  • Tracking is the active process of marking answers on the question sheet as they are identified during the listening passage, keeping in mind that answers are presented in order.
  • The APT method emphasizes the importance of pre-listening preparation and active listening to manage the listening section efficiently.
  • Practicing the APT method can significantly improve the ability to capture the necessary details during the listening test and avoid common pitfalls.
Analyzing the Questions
Making Predictions
Tracking Answers