IELTS Practice Test Answers

How to Grade Yourself

Now that you've completed the IELTS Practice Test, it's time to:

  1. Compare your answers to the answer key
  2. Total your number of correct answers
  3. Watch a video on IELTS scoring, then estimate your score with the scoring chart
  4. Watch the explanation videos for any questions you missed or aren't sure about

Answer Key

Listening Section

Question Correct Answer
Question 1 AD5659837JC6
Question 2 Scottsville
Question 3 6 or "six" kilometers / kilometres
Question 4 2 or "two"
Question 5 dressers
Question 6 patio furniture
Question 7 B
Question 8 B
Question 9 C
Question 10 A
Question 11 B
Question 12 A
Question 13 B
Question 14 ticket collection stand
Question 15 ticket sales booth
Question 16 information center / information
Question 17 game area
Question 18 food court / food
Question 19 main stage
Question 20 trash bins
Question Correct Answer
Question 21 themselves
Question 22 experiments
Question 23 older
Question 24 comfortable
Question 25 wild
Question 26 tongue
Question 27 necessity
Question 28 trained
Question 29 A
Question 30 B
Question 31 zones
Question 32 resources
Question 33 naturally
Question 34 farmland
Question 35 B
Question 36 C
Question 37 C
Question 38 B, C or F
Question 39 B, C or F
Question 40 B, C or F

Reading Section

Question Correct Answer
Question 1 C
Question 2 C
Question 3 B
Question 4 A
Question 5 E
Question 6 B
Question 7 A
Question 8 D
Question 9 T
Question 10 NG
Question 11 F
Question 12 F
Question 13 T
Question 14 F
Question 15 Section A: Answer iv
Question 16 Section B: Answer vi
Question 17 Section C: Answer v
Question 18 Section D: Answer i
Question 19 C
Question 20 A
Question Correct Answer
Question 21 C
Question 22 B
Question 23 C
Question 24 C
Question 25 C
Question 26 A
Question 27 C
Question 28 C
Question 29 B
Question 30 C
Question 31 B
Question 32 A
Question 33 C
Question 34 A
Question 35 A
Question 36 B
Question 37 B
Question 38 C
Question 39 A
Question 40 C

Writing Section

The bar graph shows the number of attendees at Grandville Stadium, focusing on theater, sports, and music events in the year 2017. The chart makes attendance projections for the years 2020 and 2030 after a major renovation project.

Overall, these data show a predicted rise in yearly attendance among all three types of events during the period of 2017 to 2030. The greatest increases will occur for theater and concerts, while sporting events will see a more moderate gains after the renovations. However, attendance has been and will remain much higher for sporting events than the other two categories.

In the baseline year of 2017, theater events accounted for only 10 thousand visitors. Yet, theater attendance should jump to roughly 50 thousand in 13 years. Similarly, concert attendees are predicted to reach nearly 125 thousand visitors in 2030, up from nearly 25 thousand in 2017.

By contrast, the stadium improvements will only increase sporting event attendance by about 10 thousand in 2030. However, athletic events were already bringing in 150 thousand people in 2017. The 2030 figure of about 160 thousand annual sporting event attendees is just shy of the 2030 combined numbers for both theater and concerts, which will bring in about 175 thousand people together.
Some schools have begun supplying students with computers or tablets that they can use instead of texts and other printed resources. This shift towards technology offers several environmental and educational benefits, while the drawbacks relate to the sharp increase in “screen time” for students and the possibility that the devices will cause distractions in school.

One major benefit of providing computers and tablets to students is the opportunity to save paper resources. Even though paper is easily recycled, it still requires a lot of energy to produce. Adopting these technologies will make schools much more environmentally friendly. Computers and tablets also possess unique educational value. On a very basic level, students must learn how to use computers to thrive in the modern world. Just like learning math or reading, computer proficiency has become an essential and basic life skill.

Replacing paper-based learning resources with technology does have some disadvantages. One area of growing concern is the amount of time young people spend in front of screens. With cell phones, computers, and television, many children already spend hours outside of school staring at devices. Some medical professionals suggest that all of this screen time may have negative effects on a child’s physical and psychological health. Therefore, adding screen time in school may exacerbate an already serious problem. A second drawback is that tablets and computers can cause distractions. There is a lot of unsuitable material for school on the web. Putting devices in students hands opens the possibility that students will use these devices in ways that are not educationally sound.

In conclusion, replacing traditional paper learning materials with devices like computers and tablets has some very clear environmental and educational advantages. However, schools must take care to monitor student screen time and ensure that students are using their devices for educational purposes.

IELTS Scoring Video & Chart

Number Correct Per Section Band Scores
40-39 9
38-37 8.5
36-35 8
34-33 7.5
32-30 7
29-27 6.5
26-23 6
Number Correct Per Section Band Scores
22-19 5.5
18-15 5
14-13 4.5
12-10 4
9-8 3.5
7-6 3
5-4 2.5

Calculate and Check Your Estimated Band Score

Once you have your estimated band score for each module, add them together and divide by four (i.e. Reading 6.0; Listening 6.5; Writing 7.0; Speaking 7.5 = 27 ÷ 4 =6.75, which would be rounded up to a band score of 7.0) Once you have your overall estimated band score, check it against the official description of what your level of mastery should be. Does the description sound like where you are at? Hopefully so, and you now have a good estimate of what your overall band score will be when you take the test!

Explanation Videos

Listening Explanations

Watch the videos below to learn how to get the correct answers to all the questions in the Listening section.

Reading Explanations

Watch the videos below to learn how to get the correct answers to all the questions in the Reading section.

Writing Explanations

If you'd like an example of a strong response to Writing Tasks 1 and 2, please scroll up and review the sample essays in the Answer Key. If you'd also like to enter your responses into the Magoosh product, please click the links below and either re-type or copy and paste your essay responses into Magoosh IELTS. We do not have the resources to offer essay grading at this time, but entering your essays into Magoosh IELTS will allow you save them and review them at a later date.

Enter Writing Task 1 Here

Enter Writing Task 2 Here

Speaking Explanations

The best way to prepare for the Speaking section is to practice with a native English speaker. But, if you're practicing taking timed IELTS tests, you can also record your Speaking responses using Magoosh IELTS prep. We do not currently have the resources to grade your Speaking practice, but recording your responses in Magoosh IELTS will allow you save them and review them at a later date. Click the link below to record your responses to the Speaking section of the practice test.

Record Speaking Responses Here

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